The UBC Tae Kwon Do Club was founded by Grand Master Choi Chang Keun (C.K.), widely known as Grand Master C.K. Choi. He was the world’s first Tae Kwon Do champion in 1962.
The UBC Tae Kwon Do Club is one of the longest running clubs at the University of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver, BC.

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About Us

We try to stay true to the original style of ITF (International Tae Kwon Do Federation) and incorporate modern training techniques to enhance our kicks, punches, strikes and blocks. The UBC Tae Kwon Do Club history is diverse in the number of students who have been members of our club. We welcome students from a variety of martial arts backgrounds, experiences and levels of training.

The UBC Tae Kwon Do Club gives its students a place to learn and develop self defence skills, enhance their fitness level and discipline. Students are encouraged to train and gain a sound body and mind by following the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, and Indomitable Spirit.


Master Cheung Lam,
6th Degree Black Belt

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt from the Tae Kwon Do Pioneer Council
  • One of the highest ranked black belt trained under Grand Master C.K. Choi
  • Began training in 1970
  • Instructing with the UBC Tae Kwon Do Club since 1980
  • Western Canadian Champion in 1979 and 1980

Master John Kwan,
6th Degree Black Belt

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt from the Tae Kwon Do Pioneer Council
  • Began martial arts training in the early 1970s and teaching since 1986
  • Started training in Tae Kwon Do in 1980 with Grand Master C.K. Choi
  • Competed in martial arts tournaments throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest


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Classes will resume in October!

Club News

Keep an eye out for everything happening in September like Imagine Day, Clubs Days, Trial Classes, and our Icebreaker! Stay tuned for more information! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the class is divided into 2 groups. One group is for students who have little or no experience in martial arts training. The second group is for students who have intermediate or advanced experience training in Tae Kwon Do or other martial arts.
No, you do not have to be a UBC student. Many of our past and present students are UBC alumni and non-UBC students, in addition to current UBC students.
No. Students from any martial arts background can join UBC Tae Kwon Do Club
Please speak to Instructor John Kwan or Cheung Lam for information.
Yes, there is sparring in class. If you have questions regarding the style and type of sparring in class, please talk to Instructor John Kwan or Instructor Cheung Lam. Equipment is mandatory for sparring in class - padded gloves of sufficient caliber which cannot be pushed out of shape or broken, shin and instep protectors, mouth guard and a groin protector for men. Do not wear anything which may cause an injury: rings necklaces , watches, ear-rings, etc.
Yes, there are competitions held around Metro Vancouver and opportunities to train for tournaments during the year.
We train all year round during the Fall, Spring & Summer terms at UBC. Our training days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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